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The Catholic Faith is the Fullness of Truth

Learn more about God, Jesus Christ and the Catholic Faith. This is a MUST see section for all who are interested.

The Little way of St Thérèse

God is loving, kind and is always ready to accompany, wherever you find yourself. God is your loving Father.

What is the Life of Prayer?

Learn more about the spiritual life and how God seeks to be your dear friend and invites your to spend time with Him.

Go on a Guided Silent Retreat

Learn more about individually Guided Retreats either at the Carmelite Retreat Centre in Oxford or Online.

What is Spiritual Direction?

Learn more about what Spiritual direction is and how important it is for the development of the Spiritual life.

Centre of Applied Carmelite Spirituality

Check out some resources from the Centre of Applied Carmelite Spirituality based at Boars Hill Priory, Oxford

Our Online Carmelite Library

Access our free online library for Catholic Essentials and Carmelite Books From St Teresa of Avila and more.