1st Step: Encounter Testimonies

These are MUST Watch videos of young adults sharing their testimonies of Encountering the Lord, even as Atheists. Grab a coffee, sit back and watch with an open mind. Also exploring the rest of our content.

2nd Step: God is Real

Grab a coffee and watch some astounding videos on the Existence of God – debunking misconceptions and demonstrating His existence. This is the perfect playlist to watch as an Atheist or an Agnostic.

3rd Step: Jesus Christ is God

Grab a coffee and watch some profound videos on Jesus Christ – who He was and about Him being God. This is the perfect playlist for Deists, Theists and anyone looking into Jesus Christ.

4th Step: The Church is the Catholic Church

Grab a coffee and watch some deep videos on Catholicism – the one True Faith in Christ in all its fullness. This is the perfect playlist for non-catholic Christians and anyone looking into Catholicism.

5th Step: Introduction to the Life of Prayer

Grab a coffee and watch some enriching videos on the prayer life that we are all called to have. This playlist will help you develop a living relationship with God and will help you to build your house on the Rock.


The Trinity is not a pagan idea

Encounter releases a monthly magazine and here is an article from the apologetics section. Read this article debunking the myth that the Trinity is a post-Christ invention.

The Early Church on the Trinity

Catholic Answers is a vast Catholic resource for answering people’s questions concerning the Catholic Faith. Read this article on the writings of Early Church Fathers on the Trinity.

Dr Brant Pitre: The Case for Jesus

Word one Fire is a Catholic Apostolate lead by Bishop Barron, it serves to evangelise in the culture. Read this article on the historical case for the resurrection.

St Augustine on his conversion

Ascension Press is a Catholic Apostolate that is dedicated to producing high-quality Catholic content. Read this article on the writings on St Augustine’s conversion.


Encounter's Podcast

Listen to Encounter’s Podcast for young adults. It delves deeply Carmelite Spirituality.

Catechism in a Year

Fr Mike Schmitz explains the Catholic Faith with the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Catholic Answers Live

Catholic Answers Live – find answers to you questions about the Catholic Faith here. 

The Catholic Talk Show

Listen to an interesting and fun Catholic Talk show called “The Catholic Talk show”