Spiritual Resources From CACS

The Our Father Series

In this great prayer taught by our Lord Jesus Christ is found the profound understanding of who we are as sons and daughters of God. Equally, through this prayer Christ brings us closer to Himself for us to know we all share one fatherhood with Him in God. St. Teresa of Avila further expounds on the concept of this fatherhood in her book, ‘The Way of Perfection’.

The Trinity Prays in us Series

Bishop Greg Homeing opens up this series with a few consoling words. Drawing from the rich Carmelite tradition, he said, “When we pray, the Trinity prays in us.” What a great privilege it is that we are in the Trinity, and the Trinity is in us. This grounds St. Teresa’s description of prayer as a friendship with God.   

One of the ways we invite the Trinity into our lives is by making the sign of the cross. Bishop Greg says that “The Sign of the Cross is just an expression of an experience; it is a profound experience of the Most Holy Trinity.”

The Inspiration Series: Praying with Elijah

Fr. Matt Blake and Fr. Yamai Bature are Discalced Carmelite Friars. In this series, they are taking us to the very origins of the Carmelite prayer. This series is named “Inspiration Series” because we will be exploring what inspired the Carmelite Saints and all Carmelites in their approach to prayer. This episode explores the figure of Elijah in the Scriptures, in the history of the Carmelites, and in our lives this day. He highlights Elijah’s zeal and thirst for a deeper encounter with God. We are inspired by his zeal. To this day, it has inspired our unrelenting efforts to strive for holiness.