May the Lord bless you as we greet you!

St Thérèse of Lisieux, a Carmelite Saint, has something uniquely special to offer to young adults. Sometimes we can underestimate the youth in what kind of relationship they are having with our Divine Lord. Some people, at the end of her time in Carmel, thought that Saint Thérèse was too young to understand, too young to grasp perhaps the implications of Christianity.  But my goodness, did Thérèse understand the meaning of Christ’s gift to us, his life, his death, his resurrection, because she became the very embodiment of this.

Saint Thérèse has an intense, real and personal relationship with Jesus at a young age – so much so that, at seventeen, she was able to make a complete commitment to God as a Carmelite Nun. Saint Thérèse has a living real relationship with Jesus, one of youthfulness and giftedness. For Thérèse, Christianity is not complicated.

So I pray that Thérèse, especially for young people and for all of us, will be a source of quiet and gentle inspiration, that Christianity is possible. 

Jesus is really present and near us and loves us. Let us have the confidence and trust to respond to him, reciprocate his love so that our lives may have peace and blessing. Amen. 

Friar Liam Finnerty, OCD


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