Carmelite Encounters

& Events

Here are all of our upcoming programmes and events

Here are all of our upcoming programmes and events.

Young Adult Mass

Every first Friday of the Month at 7:30PM there is a Young Adults Mass.

Resting in the Word

Resting in the Word

To deepen is us the love for the Word of God through Scripture. We will be online and following the programme from Genesis to Jesus.


Catholic Young Adult Circle

Are you thinking about your place in the world?
Are you drawn to deeply think about your calling in life?
Are you interested in exploring how Carmel’s dreams and vision for the world can inspire you to make a difference in the world for the good of others?
Are you aware of the richness of the Carmelite tradition and how it can enrich your spiritual life?
Are you inspired to contribute to Carmel’s mission to the world of making God known and loved as a true friend?

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