(Carmelite Young Adult Circle)

Are you thinking about your place in the world?

Are you drawn to deeply think about your calling in life?

Are you interested in exploring how Carmel’s dreams and vision for the world can inspire you to make a difference in the world for the good of others?

Are you aware of the richness of the Carmelite tradition and how it can enrich your spiritual life?

Are you inspired to contribute to Carmel’s mission to the world of making God known and loved as a true friend?

This group is for anyone who wishes to go further,
to engage in a group study of Carmelite texts,
to deepen their knowledge of Scripture through praying the scriptures and, to spend time in worship at Mass and in the company of friends. 

We meet every third Sunday of the month from 2PM until 6PM.

To study (writing of Carmelite saints)
To pray (with the scriptures)
To celebrate (the Eucharist, friendship and Koinonia)

Koinonia is a time for fellowship, shared friendship. Some can rest and others will prepare the meal for the group. When the meal is ready, all eat, help with cleaning up, say a closing prayer and depart.

To know more about Carmelite spirituality, please visit Carmel’s Gift page on our website here.

Our upcoming meetings are below:

Feb 26 – Growing in Love (Matt 5:38-48)

Mar 19 – Seeing with New Eyes (John 9:1, 6-9, 13-7, 34-8)

Apr 23 – Encountering Christ (Luke 24:13-35)

May 21 – Revealing Christ (John 17:1-11)

Jun 18 – Imitating Christ (Matt 10:37-42)

Jul 23 – Christ, Our Hope of Glory (Matt 13:24-43)